Global Kitchen Printable


Pretend Play Kitchen Printables to bring more global learning and language into every day play.

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Included in the Global Kitchen Printable FREE download:

  1. Pretend play kitchen printables for global learning. Labels in English, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese for
    • refrigerator
    • stove
    • telephone
    • microwave
    • sink
    • oven
  2. Pretend play kitchen Russian Menu forA plate of pelmeni, a bowl of borsht, bread and strawberry jam, a cup of tea and chocolate tort

NOTE: The languages have been edited by native speakers.  Due to the variations in the Spanish language around the world, some words may appear slightly different that what you may teach your children.  Jenifer stated that she would use estufa for stove in Latin America.  Maria noted: “In Spanish (from Spain) I would say “los fogones” for stove (I understand you mean the stove you cook with). We use estufa for a heater.”


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