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About Amanda Boyarshinov

K - 12 masters reading teacher, author and mom to 3. Amanda is a National Board Certified teacher with oodles of experience in early childhood education.


  1. Growing Book by Book says

    So genius and so simple! Downwards stroke are something we are working on right now and I love this idea. Plus, it is raining here today so this will be a perfect activity. Love, love, love!

  2. Natasha Johnson says

    My preschooler has not had much success with the pain resistant Crayon trick. She's not a Crayon person, but I can make the rain and let her paint. This is pretty cool.

  3. Theresa A says

    What a fun way to use crayon resist to capture the weather. The picture is really beautiful. We will have to make one!

  4. Mary Catherine says

    I love the pre-writing skills involved, as well as the art technique of crayon resist. 🙂 Another idea for the lesson plan book. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Cerys Parker says

    Great activity for preschool and prewriting, I've got to work on the pressure of my little one's marks do you have any tips?

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